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Nascot Wood
Junior School


Below you will find some examples of comments made to us about our school and our children


We have been thoroughly impressed by Nascot Wood School with our son’s learning being supported by exceptional staff.

The school creates a hard-working, supportive, fun and stimulating learning environment in which all children (including our son) grow and thrive.

We have no hesitation in recommending Nascot Wood School to other parents

Well done and keep up the good work. (Year 3 Parent)


‘This school adjusts to meet the needs of the child; it doesn’t expect the child to adjust to meet the needs of the school’ (Advisory Teacher)


We are extremely pleased and proud of our son’s achievements this year. A special thank you to his Class Teacher for encouraging, supporting and keeping him on target. We also especially thank the Senior Leadership Team for their support. We really appreciate all the effort, love and interest given by each member of staff. (Year 4 Parent)


Thank you to all the teaching staff and the leadership team for creating such a positive learning environment!  (Year 4 Parent)


We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff who have been so helpful in trying to support and get our son back to school.


For me the 'extra mile' they have gone is the empathy and commitment everybody there has. I've really felt they all have a big stake in my son’s wellbeing and development. The last few weeks would have been a lot more difficult without their flexibility and caring nature. (Year 6 Parent)


It was a pleasure to see the efforts of hardworking Head, staff, teachers and pupils to create such a wonderful school. (prospective parent)


It was wonderful to see two former Year 6 pupils speak so well at an open evening at their new high school. They are credit to the teachers and the school. (Y5 parent)


I don't ever do this - I never review anything... But inspired by your call... I do think that your school is amazing.  I am sorry that they had to leave!  I would like to thank all of the staff that have done such an incredible job over the years - both of the children talk about all their teachers fondly - right from nursery up to 6th year.  You have all been so kind and caring, and of course given them a fantastic education and start in life.  It was a struggle to get them into Nascot Wood in the first place with 6 months on the waiting list, but so worthwhile - it was a real privilege for them to be part of your school.  They have made some potentially lifelong friendships with some great kids.  And you have instilled some great values in them all.  So (although the words seem a little inadequate) I just wanted to say - thank you - to all the staff at Nascot Wood who have helped to make our children who they are today!  

(ex Y6 parent)

These are some of the comments made when our children go on educational visits

Remembrance Ceremony

‘Your pupils were exemplary in their behaviour and very smart in appearance. They are great credit to your school and to Watford.’ (Representative of Watford Borough Council)