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Nascot Wood
Junior School


Chair of Governors

Gareth Rumsey 

Vice Chair

Lynsey Baxter (from 9/09/2019)

Headteacher Governor

Christina Singh (Resources Committee)



Parent Governors

Tayyibah Munir 

Farah Abdel Karim

Staff Governor

Simon Watts (Resources Committee)

Co-opted Governors

Jay Parikh (Resources Committee, Curriculum and Standards Committee, Vice Chair to 9/09/2019)

Ajay Patel (Resources Committee)

Rachel Mapp (Curriculum and Standards Committee)

Gareth Rumsey (Chair, Curriculum and Standards Committee)

Rebecca Clayton (Resources Committee)

Rudra Dutta

Lynsey Baxter (Resources Committee)(Chair of Resources Committee from 25/09/2019)

Gillian Jackson

Associate Members

Angela Basit

Clerk to the Governors

Rosey Mann

Former Governors

Malcolm Meerabux (LA resigned 8/01/2019)

Graham Denley (Co-opted) end of term of office 20/05/2019

Simon Harrison (Chair) (Curriculum and Standards Committee)(Resources Committee) resigned 1/09/2019

Niraj Sedani (Safeguarding Governor) (Resources Committee to 24/09/2019) end of term of office 29/11/2019

Abigail Brown


Tim Cowland (parent governors to 13/10/2020)