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Nascot Wood
Junior School


Chair of Governors

Gareth Rumsey 

Vice Chair

Rachel Mapp (from 22/03/2022)

Headteacher Governor

Christina Singh (Resources Committee)



Parent Governors

Tayyibah Munir 

Farah Abdel Karim

Staff Governor

Simon Watts (Resources Committee)

Co-opted Governors

Rachel Mapp 

Gareth Rumsey

Rebecca Clayton (Resources Committee)

Rudra Dutta (Chair of Resources Committee from 31/03/2022)

Lynsey Baxter (Resources Committee)

Gillian Jackson

Louise Friend (Resources Committee)

Clerk to the Governors

Karen Boakes

Former Governors

Malcolm Meerabux (LA resigned 8/01/2019)

Graham Denley (Co-opted. End of term of office 20/05/2019)

Simon Harrison (Chair, Resources Committee.  Resigned 1/09/2019)

Niraj Sedani (Safeguarding Governor, Resources Committee to 24/09/2019.  End of term of office 29/11/2019

Abigail Brown (resigned 17/7/2020)

Tim Cowland (Parent governor to 13/10/2020)

Ajay Patel (Resources Committee to 17/05/2022)

Jay Parikh (Resources Committee, Vice Chair to 9/09/2019 resigned 11/05/2022)