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Nascot Wood
Junior School

Closure Home Learning

Friday  15th May 2020

Good morning Year 5,

Our word of the day is 'inquire' meaning to ask for information from someone. 

Here is our sentence:

She hired a private detective to enquire into the strange and unusual man, who had arrived in town shortly after the arrival of the mysterious emporium.

Can you use our word of the day in a new sentence?






Create your own board game to play with family members.

Learn the alphabet in British Sign Language:

Can you spell your name? How many seconds did it take you?





Learn about your family history and create a family tree.

Plan and cook an evening meal (with adult supervision, of course) for your family – don’t forget to set the table and create your own restaurant style menu! Perhaps your family members can rate the experience based on presentation and taste.


Create an indoor/outdoor obstacle course for your family to take part in.

Research constellations – can you identify any well-known constellations in the evening?


Make a den in your back garden. Don’t forget to post photos on Google Classroom

DIY bowling – create makeshift bowling pins out of your recycling. Perhaps you could decorate your bowling pins too?


Explore the world using Google Earth – where have you been before? Where would you like to go? How far away are the places? How long would it take to walk or fly?

Plan and host a movie night with family. Arrange the room to your preferred style, choose the snacks and the film, and don’t forget to create the movie tickets to gain entry to the movies!


Bake cookies/biscuits/ cupcakes (make sure an adult supervises).

Shadow drawing - Please see our post on Google Classroom to see the accompanying picture


Craft: Learn a new skill. E.g. sewing, knitting, embroidery.

Research and memorise the Kings and Queens (UK).


Host a tournament e.g. seated volleyball (with balloons if inside), hula-hooping, penalty shoot-out.


Finger painting

If you don’t have paints, why not make sock puppets from old/odd socks?


Create your own family song – perhaps you’ll choose to include some musical instruments.

Set up a camp in your back garden (living room). Will you camp out overnight? Be sure to send a photo on Google  Classroom of your set-up.


Make fruit kebabs (with adult supervision).

Indoor/outdoor garden tea party or picnic with family. Will it have a theme? Perhaps you’ll choose to dress up!


From Monday 30th March 2020, all the Year 5 work will be set and managed on Google Classrooms.

Google Classroom: the student view

We like this because you can view and use it on any device. If you can't use a computer all day, you only have access for a short time or can only use a smart phone then you can still use Google Classrooms.

Any Off-Line work you do can still be submitted as a picture.

LOGGING IN: All you need is your Chromebook log-on, which we have used many times in school.
Password: Gre.....17
APP: There's even an app you can get on Android devices and iPhones/iPads.

Here are some videos to help:

How to submit work:



How to look at submitted work:




The main aim with all the activities we will be setting you, whilst the school is closed, is to make sure you keep using the vital skills we do everyday.

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Maths

So how will you get it all in? 

We suggest a small time table like the:

9:00 Joe Wicks workout LIVE on YouTube, starts just before 9am.
9:30 Recover with some read See below
10:00 Maths See below
10:45 BREAK Get outside whenever you can
11:15 Writing See below
12:00 Long Lunch with a Movie
2:00 Something Different Lots of ideas at the bottom 


There are many different organisations doing daily Activities/Lessons, often live on YouTube, which we thought you might be interested in.

Bird Spotting In Your Garden | Garden Week | LET'S GO LIVE with ...


P.E. With Joe - YouTube

11:00 - Daily
Let's Go Live with Maddie and Greg
Maddie, from Ceebies 'Do You Know', and Greg are broadcasting live from their house, all about science! Click Here
9:00 - Daily
PE with Joe Wicks
Take part in Joe's daily PE Lessons. 30 minutes with a 20 minutes HIIT work out.

Pie Corbett: Storytelling for 7-11 year olds – Tetbury Goods Shed Arts

Best video recipes from Jamie Oliver
9:30 - Daily
Pie Corbett Literacy Hour 
World  reknowned literacy expert puts out a daily audio show for upper key stage literacy.
Click Here
Cooking with Jamie Oliver
Have a look at some great Kids friendly recipes that you can try out, with parental supervision
Read the Recipes HERE.


In the coming weeks we will set some writing challenges for you. But please feel free to write a diary of your time off, make up your own story or write a set of instructions. 

Give your self freedom to write (no judgement), write freely for 10-15 minutes then read it through (out loud is always best) correct and improve anything you like.



When you've run out of books at home to read, we highly recommend

It's full of book extracts, which you can pick and read. You may end up buying one as an ebook or order have it for delivery. Remember to check any unknown vocabulary in a dictionary, by searching online or asking a smart device.



Your maths time can be split as you like. Keep it varied, keep it fun, keep it challenging.

Start with some online games, see below.
Then some Maths Whizz or something from our Home Learning pack or the textbook some of you got.

1) Maths Whizz: 

Every student now has a MATHS WHIZZ log on, details have been sent home or via email.

All the children are aware of this system and how to use it. It is very clever and will support and challenge the children at their own level of ability and needs. 



2) Online Games

In class we have looked at a range of resources to make sure you are practising a range of maths skills.

With all of these, make sure you are picking a level that suits you and challenges you. There is nothing wrong with starting lower and building up.

5-Day Maths - a daily 5 questions with a huge range of maths disciplines.

Daily 10 - This will really help with a range of arithmetic.

And OFCOURES timetable practice with our favourite game - HIT THE BUTTON

Topmarks is also full of great maths games, which you can search for by topic or age.

Home Learning Packs:

1) Classroom Secrets - here is the pack that was sent home on the last day. 

2) Hamilton Trust - have developed a series of daily activities. Both for English and Maths. This form of learning is similar to how it would be like at school.

Each will guide you through and has challenges to choose, sections to challenge and even some help if you are stuck.



Something Different


This is great way to practice your artist skills, but also relax in an afternoon. We do like the step by step tutorials on but also we love (well Mr Moonie) a bit of Let's Draw Star Wars.

Typing Skills:

Typing is a skills we use now in class but is likely to something that will stay with you for life. Using a more formal method will help you become quicker and more accurate.

Dance Mat Typing is a scheme/game that will help you to learn

Click here to type


On YouTube, the BBC3 comedy show Taskmaster is setting very fun, simple but open ended tasks. 

The first was to throw a piece of A4 paper in a bin. Of course very simple, but can you make it spectacular?

The Great Indoors - from the Scouts

As the experts in developing skills and bringing adventure to young people, the scouts want to do what we can to help.  

They normally love the great outdoors, they’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas. Keep yourselves learning new skills and having fun (and help your mum and dad avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors. LINK HERE