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Nascot Wood
Junior School

28/4/2020 Telephone Calls

Dear Parents,


To further support you during this unusual time, we are asking Class Teachers to telephone each family approximately once a fortnight.

The purpose of this call is simply to ‘check in’ with you, allowing some continuity of contact, for you as a family, with the school, whilst your child is unable to attend.

It’s not to discuss progress, or to check up on work completed, it is simply to maintain some semblance of contact with you, hopeful aiding a smooth transition once we return to more normal schooling.

The Class Teachers will aim to speak to the families of half the class per week, on a rolling program. If the Class Teachers are unable to contact you, they will leave a message and/or try again another day.

I would ask that you help to keep the phone calls relatively short, perhaps to approximately ten minutes.

It is not necessary for the Class Teacher to speak to your child, however, if you particularly want your child to have an opportunity to say hello to their Class Teacher, it is of course okay to do so.

With best wishes,

Mr Watts