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Nascot Wood
Junior School

14/10/2019 Parent View

Dear Parents,

Many of you will be familiar with Ofsted’s ‘Parent View’ questionnaire, which we ask you to complete annually.

To reflect changes in the new Ofsted Framework, Ofsted have updated their questionnaire.

We would be incredibly grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing this, giving us valuable feedback for the school.

We would particularly appreciate your time in completing the questionnaire if your child is having an overall positive experience at school.

Parents are often keen to give feedback, in order to affect change. However, the positive comments are often missed, as parents do not always feel it is necessary to give them

Please follow the below link to the questionnaire…

As always, if you have any thoughts regarding things that you would like us to consider for improvement, please do make an appointment to Mrs Singh or Mr Watts, or alternatively catch them at the gate each morning.

With thanks,