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Nascot Wood
Junior School

This week's learning


Week beginning: 21/06/2021


Maths: We will be continuing to learn about money this week with a focus on change.

Times tables: Children should also continue to practise their times tables, using the times table grids as well as the online test.


In Guided Reading this term, in school Oak and Juniper will be reading: Empire's End: A Roman Story.

English: This term, our English lessons are based on 'Stories from other cultures' - We will be investigating what culture is and how it differs around the world.

Spelling: If you do not have a copy, the spelling lists are attached at the bottom.

Reading: Each child should be reading an individually chosen reading book at home.

Topic and Science

Our Topic at the moment is Romans in Britain and in Science we will be learning about sound. 

Creative Curriculum

On a Tuesday and Thursday the children will be expected to come into school in their P.E kits. 

Creativity and mindfulness are also important.

In this section there are some creative and mindfulness activities for you to have a look at any time if you would like.

Creative Learning: 

  1. Make a paper plane.
  2. Create a new board game.
  3. Help cook a meal.
  4. Do some stretching.
  5. Bake something tasty.
  6. Make a sock puppet.
  7. Help wash up or load the dishwasher.


Activity 1: Place your hand on your stomach. Take 10 deep breaths and notice your hand moving up and down as you breathe.

Activity 2: Sit very still and notice one thing that you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

Activity 3: Close your eyes and think about how you are feeling. Happy? Sad? Mad? Scared? Excited? Another emotion? Think about how you know you are feeling this way.

Activity 4: Sit quietly and place a small object in your hand. A pencil, rubber, or something else. Notice how heavy the object is. Think about what it feels like in your hand. Notice a new thing about this object.

Activity 5: Do some mindfulness colouring.