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Nascot Wood
Junior School

Y4 Closure Home Learning

Daily Message

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Year 4,

It is the last day of the Spring Term today.

Over the Easter Holiday, we won't be setting you work to complete, but will put up some ideas of activities for you, if you want to have a go. It is also important that you take this time to relax and enjoy your time at home.

Dif you figure out yesterday's riddle: What has hands but can't clap?

It was a clock.

Friday challenge: Have and Easter egg hunt. Draw some Easter eggs and hide them around your house. Enjoy finding them with your family.

Park run are setting some daily tasks for children and families focussing on different subjects. See the below link for more information:

We have put a spelling test with this week's spelling words at the bottom of the page.

Remember you can email us with anything you have done or any questions you have on our new Year 4 email address. Thank you for all the emails with pictures of your posters, rainbows and Roman shields, they all look fantastic. Don't forget to record what you have done in your home learning book or notebook.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday,
Miss Park & Miss Tanner

Maths and Times tables


Maths: Please continue your work on fractions through the activities in the below fractions document. Here is the link to teacher/parent notes to go along with the work booklet:

Here is a link to some assessment questions:

You can also make a poster about what you have learnt about fractions. See the document below for some ideas.

Each child also now has a Maths Whizz login (details have been sent home).

Times tables: Children should also continue to practise their times tables, using the times table grids (already sent home) as well as the online test and games.

English, Spelling and Reading

English: This week we would like you to do a bit of writing. We have attached a document with some pictures for inspiration, we would like you to imagine you are in that place, what can you see and hear. You could also sit in your garden for inspiration.

Spelling: This week's spellings are week 6 of spring 2. This week's words are from the statutory spelling word list. Children could do a spelling test on a Friday (we shall put example ones at the bottom) and give us the scores when we return, house points will be given accordingly. 

Reading: Don't forget to continue to read every day. If you have a copy of  your class book, Tom's Midnight Garden or The White Giraffe, you can continue to read it. There is also a short reading comprehension in the below documents.

Topic and Science

Our Topic at the moment is Romans and in Science we have been learning about electricity.

Romans: Create a poster, fact file or PowerPoint on any of the following topics: Roman Empire in Britain, family life, clothing, the Colosseum or the Roman baths. Here is a link to a fantastic website: 

Continue with your Roman shield, see the documents below for ideas.

Electricity: BBC Bitesize has some great videos and activities:

This week we would like you to think about essential and non-essential use of electricity. You can record this in your home learning book, there is a template of the table attached below.

Creative Learning, P.E. and Mindfulness

It is also important to focus on creativity, mindfulness and fitness. In this section there are some creative and mindfulness activities for you to choose from each day.

Creative Learning: each day, try and choose one of these tasks to complete.

  1. Learn how to say hello in three new languages.
  2. Draw a self portrait.
  3. Learn about a new animal.
  4. Make a thankful jar.
  5. Make up a new dance.
  6. Learn how to make a cup of tea with your adult.
  7. Play Simon says.

P.E.: Visit Joe Wicks's youtube channel: The Body Coach TV, every morning at 9AM for a live work out.

There is also supermovers, this is a great way to keep moving as well as practising different skills.

Mindfulness: each day, try and choose one of these activities to complete.

Activity 1: Using a bubble wand. Take a deep breath and slowly blow out as many bubbles as you can. Watch all the bubbles float and burst, these are your thoughts leaving your head. When they have all popped do it again.

Activity 2: Sit outside and close your eyes for one minute. What can you hear, taste and smell?

Activity 3: Close your eyes and stand on one foot, how long can you balance on that foot for? Now try the other leg.

Activity 4: Laying down, place your favourite toy on your stomach. Breathe in slowly for 3, then breathe out slowly for 4. Focus on your toy rising and falling, do this five times in total.

Activity 5: Listen to some relaxing music.