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Nascot Wood
Junior School

This week's learning

  Week beginning Monday 19th November 2018

This week in English we shall be finalising our 'Traction Man' diary entry work and focusing on our SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) knowledge. 


Spelling rule: use -able if the root word can be heard and -ible if the root word cannot be heard.

  • dependable
  • comfortable
  • reasonable
  • reliable
  • possible
  • terrible
  • incredible
  • visible

This week in maths we will:

  • identify common factors, common multiples and prime numbers
  •  perform mental calculations, including with mixed operations and large numbers
  • recall and use equivalences between simple fractions, decimals and percentages, including in different contexts
Topic Natural Disasters: tectonic plates and the formation of mountains.
  • Three hours of reading
  • One hour of Maths Whizz (Only the time spent in 'tutor mode' is counted as usage. The tutorial part of the lesson is not counted as usage; the time starts when the student is asked the first question in each lesson. Students must complete the entire lesson or test for the usage to be recorded and displayed in their report.) 
  • Continual revision of times tables
Year 6 Investigates

Year 6 Investigates: Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the American writer and former president of Marvel Comics, died on Monday at the age of 95.

Lee had a hand in creating some of most recognisable comic book heroes of the 20th century, including Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and Thor, and went on to become a recognisable presence in this century's Marvel film franchises, famous for his on-screen cameos.

You could research:

  • his biography
  • the 'Marvel Universe'
  • the influence his characters have outside the comic books
  • 'real-life' superheroes - people who perform heroic deeds without 'super-powers'
  • the history of the comic book
School events

Physical Education: lessons take place on Wednesdays (outdoor) and Thursdays (in door). Please ensure your child has the full and correct kit available on these days. 

Wednesday 28th November 2018: Year 6 trip to 'Lion King'

Wednesday 23rd January 2019: Year 6 trip to Warner Bros. Studios