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Nascot Wood
Junior School

This week's learning

  Week beginning Monday 10th December 2018

This week we will focus on completing our explanations of our future aspirations based on the text: 'Riley can be Anything' by Davina Hamilton.



  • sure and shore
  • there, they're and their
  • hear and here
  • sore and saw
  • knew and new
  • threw and through
  • aloud and allowed
  • whether and weather
  • right and write
  • weight and wait

This week in maths we will focus on solving problems involving Christmas reasoning.

Topic Natural Disasters: tectonic plates and the formation of mountains.
  • Three hours of reading
  • One hour of Maths Whizz (Only the time spent in 'tutor mode' is counted as usage. The tutorial part of the lesson is not counted as usage; the time starts when the student is asked the first question in each lesson. Students must complete the entire lesson or test for the usage to be recorded and displayed in their report.) 
  • Continual revision of times tables
Year 6 Investigates

Year 6 Investigates: Climbing

You could research:

  • mountain ranges
  • individual mountains
  • the formation of mountains
  • the history of climbing
  • famous 'firsts' in climbing/mountaineering
  • 'human flies' who climb man-made structures
  • climbing equipment


School events

Physical Education: lessons take place on Wednesdays (outdoor) and Thursdays (in door). Please ensure your child has the full and correct kit available on these days. 

Tuesday 11th December 2018 (afternoon): whole school pantomime at Watford Palace Theatre

Wednesday 12th December 2018 (morning): whole school carol concert at St. Andrew's Church 

Wednesday 23rd January 2019: Year 6 trip to Warner Bros. Studios