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Nascot Wood
Junior School

Book club


Dear Children,

As part of my learning to use Google Classroom, I have set up a Classroom for our book club.

Log into your Google Classroom and you should see that you have been invited to this group.

If you cannot remember how to do this, watch out for an email over the next few days, from the office, with instructions about how to access your account.

With best wishes,

Mr Watts




Children, please ensure that when you post a comment, you only use your first name.

Only children from our group have been asked to use this section of the website, and the group is small, which makes it easy for me to manage.

Comments that do not appear with your name, or with the name of someone or something else will not be approved and posted.

With thanks,

Mr Watts


In February of 2020, two Y6 students came to ask about the possibility of setting up a book club at NWJS.


The children have chosen to read 'The Magicians' Guild' written by Trudi Canavan.


Image result for the magicians guild

  • Zaheen 7 months ago
    Hello Mr Watts, I would like to join the club. I have asked my mum to buy the book and we will get in on Monday. Thank you for setting this up and I will miss seeing you all in person.
  • kiran 6 months ago
    I haven't quite got to wear you all are. I'll try to catch up.
  • Millie and Jamie 5 months ago
    Have a great Easter everyone
  • kiran 4 months ago
    what page do we have to read up to?
  • kiran 4 months ago
    do we have book club every Tuesday lunch at home ?
  • Robert and Daniel 4 months ago
    We are both finding the book very interesting and it has helped us both to learn new words and their meanings. Thank you!
  • Mr Watts 4 months ago
    Good afternoon everyone, Please read to the end of page 52 - which is the end of chapter 3. I want to know what you think might happen to Sonea - will she become a magician? Mr Watts
  • Millie and Jamie 4 months ago
    Afternoon Mr Watts. Thank you for setting up the comments, we will read up to end of chapter 3. We are enjoying reading book together and are excited to see what happens to Sonea. Hope you are well. We miss school so much.
  • Mr Watts 4 months ago
    Dear Millie and Jamie, Thank you for your message - we certainly miss having you all in! I need to get back to the story, as you can imagine, it has been a little busy over the last few days. We will all need to have a think about the next book that we read once we have finished this one!
  • Anjali 4 months ago
    Good afternoon Mr Watts, I am finding this book very interesting and I can't wait to find out if Sonea will become a magician.

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