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Nascot Wood
Junior School

The Tempest

This year's Year 5 Shakespearean play is The Tempest:

"Set on an island not far from Italy, the play tells the story of Prospero, one-time Duke of Milan, who lives with his daughter Miranda, their monster servant Caliban and a magical, musical and mostly invisible sprite called Ariel. Having been sent away from Milan 12 years earlier by his own brother Sebastian and King Alonso, Prospero has spent his time on the island practising his magic, studying and plotting for a time when he can take revenge. That moment has arrived. All his enemies are aboard a ship sailing near the island and it is the perfect time for Prospero's plan. 

"Creating a magical storm with his sprite Ariel, Prospero causes a shipwreck, landing the king and his lords, ladies, butler and jester all over the island. Slowly Prospero weaves his magic to fulfil his plan, with Ariel carrying out many of his tasks, before eventually forgiving all those who did him wrong."

As with previous years, there will be two productions of the play. This gives each child a large opportunity to be part of a play. 

CAST: See story below.

PRODUCTION A - Thursday 28th March 2019 at 7pm
PRODUCTION B - Tuesday 2nd April 2019 at 7pm

Siblings, who attend the school, will get to watch the play during school time.

TICKETS: Tickets will need to be booked. Details will go out after February Half Term

Below are links to two different productions that we have shown the children in class. They may want to revisit these to help develop their performance or specific parts of the 

CBeebies Production - LINK

BBC Animated Series - LINK

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  • CAST

    Published 17/01/19

    The two casts for this years Year 5 performance can be seen below.

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